Attendance Policy

Attendance Officer

Samantha Stoll

Phone: (609) 641-5375 x 1035

Email: [email protected]

Absecon Public Schools are committed to continuously improving student achievement and encourages all students to attend school on a regular basis. The process of education requires instruction that is based on skill building, class participation, learning experiences, and study. Attendance is an essential component of a student's academic success and chronic absences can have a negative impact on students achievement. Absecon Public Schools endeavors to achieve the ninety percent (90%) attendance rate required by the New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC).

The State of New Jersey defines a chronically absent student as one who is not present for ten percent (10%) of the school year for any reason, including absences due to medical circumstances.

There are two types of absences recognized by the State of New Jersey, State-Excused Absences and Unexcused Absences. The State of NJ recognizes only the following types of State-Excused Absences:

  1. Religious Observances/Holidays
  2. Bring Your Child To Work Day
  3. Participation in observance of Veteran's Day or Board of Elections membership activities
  4. Closure of busing district leaving students without transportation to receiving district
  5. Any other rule issued by the Department of Education Commissioner.

The State of New Jersey Considers every other absence, which are not due to one of the reasons above, to be an unexcused absence. The Absecon School District divides Unexcused Absences into two categories for the purposes of promotion/retention.

  • Verified-Unexcused Absences: Absences for reasons such as illness, doctor's appointment, court dates, etc. Require proper documentation within 10 days in order to be considered a Verified-Unexcused Absence (e.g.) doctor's note, note from parent, etc.). These Verified absences do not count toward a student's possible retention at the end of the school year but are required to be reported as absences on the end of the year State report.
  • Unverified-Unexcused Absences: All other absences (e.g. vacation, etc.) and any other absence that lacks supporting documentation within 10 days. These absences are counted toward a student's possible retention at the end of the school year and are required to be reported as absences on the end of year State report.

An Attendance Action Plan is required by the State of New Jersey for any student who accumulates 5-9 unexcused absences for any reason, including medical circumstances. these are designed to assist students and should not be viewed as disciplinary.

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